Smoke control doors hinder the smoke to pentetrate into the room on the other side, so that this can be used as escape route in case of fire. Therfore the function of the door must not be impaired up to a temperature of 200°C. 

Smoke control doors are not fire resisting within the meaning of DIN 4102 (German Standard). They do not require an official certificate of the ‘Institut für Bautechnik’, Berlin.

Test following Standard DIN 18 095

  • Imperviousness
    At 2 doors the leak rate Q is measured in the test room:  
    • with overpressure increased stepwise
    • at room temperature or at 200°C 
  • Permanent operatability
    The permanent operatability has to be proved 200.000 door operations.

Test conditions for smoke control doors according to DIN 18 095 Teil 2

Air temperature in the test room 
measurement at room temperature and 200 °C 

Pressure in the test room 
stepwise increase of pressure in the test room up to 50 pascal 

Measurement of the air volume flow

  • Measurement of the air volume flow and the quantity suck off.
  • calculation by the difference of pressure and temperature at the fan. 

temperature at the fan: 

  • 20 m3/h single-leaf smoke control doors
  • 30 m3/h double-leaf smoke control doors

Possible Constructions

The requirements on smoke control doors are mainly influenced by choice and structure of the seal system.

Application of SAUERLAND BOARDS :

For smoke control doors single-layer solid boards or multilayer solid boards can be used as cores.