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89 - 90%atro  soft wood (spruce, fir, pine)
1-2 %atrohard wood (beech, oak)
All wood is exclusively natural leftover wood from local sawmills. 
about 8 %UF solid resin in standard panels
(higher lamination degrees are possible for special products)
approx. 1 %hardener & paraffin
Humidity at the time of delivery
Tubular panels:5 - 7 %; quicker adjustment to ambient conditions due to tube structure
Solid panels:6 - 9 %; comparably slower adjustment to ambient conditions due to solid structure
Wood dustNegligible beech and oak sawdust content from processing (see components).
Emission classFormaldehyde classification acc. to E1 conforming to  DIBt Guidelines 100.
Upon request products conforming to CARB and JIS 4-star possible.
Monitoring of the formaldehyde emission is carried out by the WKI, Braunschweig and the eph, Dresden.
StandardProduction is performed in accordance with EN 14755:2005 “Extruded particle board”.
StrengthThe strength values for the different panel types are given in the Technical Datasheet.
InflammabilityFire class E acc. to DIN EN 13501-1:2010
TransportOnly in closed vehicles.
The products are not hazardous goods.
StorageShould be stored on plane bearers and protected from moisture.
Maintain exposure to air humidity as low as possible.
Waste disposalRecycling of materials is possible in principle.
Energetic utilisation according to BImSchV (German Immission Protection Law) is possible in furnaces with a nominal thermal output of at least 50 KW.
SustainabilitySee EU Timber Directive declaration.
Upon request proof of production chain (both PEFC and FSC) available.