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Legal position

German Chemicals-Prohibition-Clause (Oct. 1993) Appendix to §1, Passage 3, Column 2: 
It is prohibited to put coated or uncoated wooden materials into circulation, if the compensating concentration of formaldehyde caused by this materials is higher than 0,1 ml/m3 (ppm.) in a classified test chamber. 
The concentration is to be measured by a test method, which is in accordance with the latest technical standards. The methods which meet these requirements are published by the German Health Department in agreement with the German Institute for material research and after hearing experts’ opinions. 

Classification test

Each type of board made of wood-based materials has to be classified regarding its formaldehyde emission by an authorized institute. 

The SAUERLAND BOARD was classified into the emission class “E1” according to the DIBt guideline 100 by the “Fraunhofer-Institut für Holzforschung Wilhelm- Klauditz-Institut - WKI” (German Institute for Timber Products) respectively by the “Entwicklungs- und Prüflabor Holztechnologie GmbH Dresden (eph’).

Supervision by ourselves

The E1-classification is regularly supervised by ourselves by the “perforator method” according to DIN EN 12460-05.

Supervision by authorised institutes

By means of spot checks and by checking our own production control the “WKI” and the “eph” supervise the keeping of the permissable formaldehyde emission values according to the DIBt guideline.

E1 - Certificate

We would be pleased to send you full and up-to-date documents if required. 


We herewith confirm that we do only manufacture particle boards of the emission class E1 according to DIBt guideline 100.