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Individual Press Sizes

Individual press sizes are produced out of the endless stream of SAUERLAND board individually cut by trimming saws and the automatic cross cutting saw. This is the most cost-effective way of production.

Due to changes in moisture during storage and transport the length can vary by swelling which cannot be calculated exactly during production. This should be considered when deciding for particular lengths.

Length :

Tubular board 600 - 1200 mm
Solid board 500 - 1200 mm

For boards produced on narrow presses (about 1200 mm) a length up to 3000 mm is possible.

Width :

Pressing width is adjusted to different door heights Trimming at the stream is possible up to 300 mm

Minimum order quantity :

200 pieces per size

Cut Sizes

Within the limits of the max.press width every desired size is available. The costs for the cut sizes consist of costs for the off-cut and processing costs.

Processing possibilities :

1. Trimming with DET

Trimming or deviding on a Double-End-Tender is required in the following cases : 

  • reduction of the length tolerance by cut-to-size after conditioning storage
  • length under 500 mm

2. Deviding Saw

A table saw is used under the following requirements: 

  • small cut sizes
  • the pressing width is subdivided into several parts

3. Multiple saw

Strips of different sizes are produced :


  • width : from 12 mm on
  • length : over 1600 mm = automatic stacking
    under 1600 mm = manual stacking