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Use of wood from sustainable forestry

Sustainable forestry is a top priority at SAUERLAND Spanplatte. This principle is also embedded in our company philosophy. We exclusively use thinning timber, selected quality residual wood from saw mills. The supply and use of wood from areas in the direct vicinity of the factory are given priority in order to avoid long delivery routes.
SAUERLAND Spanplatte thereby makes an active contribution towards the environment to protect our forests.

Our company’s policy for non-certified timber origins is to rule out the following sources:

  1. Illegally harvested wood;
  2. Wood from areas where there are violations against basic traditional or civil rights;
  3. Wood from non-certified forests with a high protection value;
  4. Wood from genetically modified trees;
  5. Wood from forests turned into plantations or deforestation areas to make room for other uses

We deal with forests and the environment with awareness of responsibility and are certified in accordance with the following, within the scope of the ‘Chain of Custody’, depending on availability of the wood:

PEFC (Registration No.: DINC-PEFC-COC-000492)

FSC® (Registration No.: TUVDC-COC-100492 und TUVDC-CW-100492; License no.: FSC-C105359)