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On Tubeboard bearers :
-door-sizes / stock-sizes
-stacking : up to 65 pieces

On pallets :
-door-sizes / stock-sizes
-stacking : up to 65 pieces

On boards :
-cut-Sizes / GO-door components
-stacking : up to 60 pieces

On Tubeboard bearers and with distance bearers :
-door-sizes / stock-sizes
-stacking : up to 2 x 35 pieces

In Steel Frames :
-strips of tube or solid board
-size of stack : length x 640 x 1600 mm

In Special Steel Frames :
-internal / external stiles and rails
-size of stack : length x 720 x 1920 mm

Polythene wrapped :
-reduction of moisture absorption during storage

Return of packing material :

Pallets and frames have to be returned to us. Deliveries and returns are noted in a monthly record. Tubeboard bearers are taken back on request.