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Manufacturer's declaration

The company Sauerland Spanplatte declares that it will only bring to market chipboards that are compliant with the requirements for formaldehyde emissions according to Annex 1 of §3 Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance (ChemVerbotsV) (1/1/2020).

Legal situation

Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance (1/1/2020) Annex to § 1 (3) column 2:
Coated and uncoated wood-based materials (Chipboard ...) may not be placed on the market if the compensating formaldehyde concentration in test room caused by the wood-based material exceeds 0.1 ml / m³ (ppm).
The compensating concentration must be measured using a test method that is consistent with state-of-the-art science and technology. The Federal Health Office publishes test methods that meet these requirements in accordance with the Federal Institute for Materials Research after consultation with subject matter experts.
The chamber measurement under DIN EN 16516 is described as a reference method.


Self-monitoring is performed continuously in accordance with EN ISO 12460-3 (gas analysis), EN ISO 12460-5 (perforator method) and DIN EN 16516 (test chamber).


German legislation currently does not require regular external monitoring of formaldehyde emissions by a notified body.
However, the company Sauerland Spanplatte has decided to submit its own chipboard products for certification. Appropriate certification agreements have been entered into with the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research - WKI as well as the Development and Testing Laboratory Wood Technology GmbH Dresden - eph.