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Length Tolerance

Order Size = Clear Frame Size - 2 mm - ´+Tolerance´

Possible Tolerances: 

- door sizes
+3 /- 3mm Board in press' fixed sizes
+6 /- 0mm Boards cut to size by the customer
- glue sizes
+10/-0mm boards for glueing and cutting plants

Example : 860 mm wide door with tube board core (dimensions of press size)

  • clear frame size 790 mm
  • order size of tubeboard 790 - 2 - 3 = 785 mm

Width Tolerance

+2 /-2 mm  Boards in press' fixed sizes
+2 /-2 mm Boards cut to size by the customer

Order Width :
height of the core clear frame size + Tolerance

Thickness Tolerance

Tolerance on Weight

The tolerance on weight is measured on boards in the full pressing width.

Range of tolerance : - 5% up to +10%