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SAUERLAND BOARD is produced using the extrusion press system which is the first continuous production method for wooden materials.


1. It is the only way to produce tubular particle boards :

  • low weight
  • cost reduction 

2. The particles are positioned vertically to the surface of the board

  • low thickness swelling
  • high pressure resistance
  • high fire resistance 

3. Homogeneous material for the whole thickness of the board

  • high screw withdrawal at every point of the board

Technical characteristics

The vertical position of the chips leads to the following technical characteristics:

1. Thickness swelling 

  • low production tolerance
  • very low thickness swelling during storage
  • therefore sanding is not necessary 

   Advantages for door manufacturing :

  • smooth surface
  • Multi-Layer-Cores possible
  • optimal conditions at the door press 

2. Compression resistance 

  • high compression resistance
    Pressing power during further processing causes no problems, even not when using strips of tubular board
  • high shock resistance. 
    ideal for ‘hard body’-performance 

3. Bending Strength 

  • mostly lower than of flat pressed boards 

Extruded boards are used as cores or middle layers. They are always crossbanded on both sides with thin particle board, hardboard, MDF or plywood. In all cases the bending strength is obtained by crossbanding.

Consequences for the sound insulation:

Apart from the mass the bending strenght is the decisive factor for the sound insulation.
low bending strength ⇒ high sound insulation

The low bending strength of the SAUERLANDBOARD is very advantageous for a high sound insulation.