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  • Chips of wood residues are dried and mixed with synthetic resin.
  • An excenter puts the ram into a rythmical vertical motion.
  • The glued chips are guided through a channel under the ram between the heating plates of approximately 190°C.
  • Every stroke of the continuously working ram compresses the chips and pushes downwards the endless stream of board in vertical direction.
  • The exact thickness and density is produced by the friction between the board and the plates and adjusted by pressure and tension screws.
  • The glued chips are cured under pressure and heat.
  • Depending on the type of board the extrusion speed is 500 to 1200 mm/min.
  • For the production of tube boards heated doublewalled tubes are hanging through the ram into the press channel.


  • a single-layer solid or tube board with chip facesmainly positioned rectangularly to the pressingdirection and the plane surface.
  • production by the continuous extrusion method

Width :

width of the extrusion stream2 types of presses :

  • width up to 2100mm : according to door height
  • width up to 1270mm : according to theinternational   4´- size

Length :

  • length of the pressing stream
  • tube direction
    - usually : width of the door
    - possible : wide presses up to 1200 mm
      narrow presses up to 3000 mm