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Frames – individual solutions

This product group includes all complementary core components for interior doors:

  • stiles
  • rails
  • stile reinforcement
  • lock blocks
  • cut-sizes for glazed doors

The following product parameters are especially important for these components:

1. High screw withdrawal throughout the cross-section of the board

The special production method of SAUERLAND board ensures an absolutely homogeneous density. Thus, a constantly high screw withdrawal is guaranteed on every part of the components.

2. Precision in thickness

Precision in thickness during production, as well as minimum deformation during its lifetime prevent any kind of surface telegraphing even of small components, e.g. lock blocks.

3. Optimum material efficiency

Combining solid and tubular sectors in one board leads to a minimum consumption of raw materials.

4. High impact resistance

Last but not least, SAUERLAND frame components do not only improve door constructions but they also help to save costs.