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Test conditions

  • Air-born sound insulation according to
    DIN 52 210 (German Standard)
  • Between sender room and receiver room a sound insulation level of 79 dB was measured. Hence sound level measurements on door blanks of up to 59 dB are possible.


test aperture:
1030 x 2015 mm
wall thickness:
260 mm

sender room
receiver room
70 m³
70 m³

 Special tests

  • The test aperture can be reduced to 905 x 2015 mm (for 860 mm doors).
  • For elements of door height an additional test aperture can be opened. 


available steel frames : 985 x 1985 DIN left

  • single rebate : over-rebated / blunt
  • double rebate : over-rebated 

The installation of standard timber frames and customer´s special frames are possible for the given wall thickness. 

Tests with door blanks sealed into the aperture are possible, too. 

Our test stand :