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Climate Test

Swelling and shrinking processes of every single component may cause distortion of doors that separate rooms with different temperatures and humidities.

During the climate test, the door is exposed to differential climates according to DIN EN 1121. The test is completed after the distortion process has come to a stand-still, which generally takes 28 days.

The classification of the doors is defined by
DIN EN 1530 / EN 12219. Comparative testing of alternative constructions is carried out in our Service Centre in order to prepare official inspections.

Our climatic testing station:

  • Tests for the differential climates a to c possible
  • Conditions conform to a great extent to
    DIN EN 1121
  • Simultaneous testing of 8 doors is possible
  • Openings:
    steel frame 735/860/985 x 1,985 mm