Comparison of the constructions

All details of the desired construction must be compared with the details of the tested doorset and yet granted assessments. 
Special attention has to be paid to : 

 ⇒Sizeheight, width, thickness
 ⇒Skin type / dimension
 ⇒Framespecie / dimension
 ⇒Intumescent  specification / dimensions

Drawing have to be made if necessary.

Letter from customer to the Institute

The letter the customer sends to the Test Institute must contain the following information :

  • full address and name of person in charge
  • Reference to SAUERLAND test report with No. & Date
  • Name, on which the assessment should be issued
  • Changes of construction compared to tested doorset
  • Probably reference to yet granted assessments
  • Invoice address 

A copy of this letter should be sent to SAUERLAND. 

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Letter from Sauerland to the Institut

With this letter SAUERLAND allows the Test Institute to give all the necessary information regarding the specific test to the customer. 

The institute is not allowed to provide any information without this approval.

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