The following types of cores have been compared:

  • SAUERLAND Tubular Chipboard RT7
  • Flat Pressed Chipboard FPY 350 kg/m³

Climatic test: Procedure

In the climatic chamber, the doors have been exposed to different climates for a period of 42 days: 

Humid23°C80% rha  7 days
Dry23°C30% rha11 days
Normal23°C50% rha  7 days
Difference23/30°C13/65% rha17 days


Climatic test: Result

Similar Climates as per DIN EN 1294
Similar performance of doors under same climate on both sides.

Differential Climate as per DIN EN 1121
Level of distortion of FPY 350 increased by 35 % caused by inhomogenous density.

SAUERLAND Board  :  Flat pressed board