Lab Tests

Our test reports always refer to tests, performed in laboratories with door blanks being sealed into the door frame around all edges.

Model Tests

All tests are ‘model tests’. This means that doors of the construction described in the report CAN reach the named result. There is no guarantee at all to reach the same result with any single door.


The following details can influence the sound insulation seriously:

  • total dimension of the door leaf
  • species of stiles/rails
  • width of stiles/rails
  • skin: material, thickness, weight, rigidity
  • surface treatment
  • glue line: resin species, quantity, moisture
  • pressing power: thickness relation of stiles/rails and core
  • moisture of all materials
  • connection between multi-layers: for example withnails or glueing spots etc.

Data given to customers

All mentioned data of sound insulation have to be declared as approximate lab results (i. e.: NOT ready for use). These results should never be used as parts of trade names such as ‘Door Blank 40 dB’ or even worse ‘Door 40 dB’. 

Should customers insist in guaranty data, the door construction should be produced using exactly the materials and production conditions and should be tested as a finished door set, ready for use. 

Individual Test in our Service Centre

You are welcome to perform individual tests in our ´Service Centre´ in Gotha (Thuringia). 
Practical tests with your door sets either operating or sealed around all edges can be performed to analyze the different influences.