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Technical Data

ParameterDescriptionSize/ Weight
ThicknessSolid boards
Tubular boards
10 to 42 mm
23 to 80 mm
Width900 to 2.100 mm
LengthPress-line sizes
Special dimensions
600 to 1.200 mm
up to 3.500 mm
DensitySolid material400 to 700 kg/m³
TubesDifferent tube diameters
Different tube spacing
Solid areas possible
12 to 48 mm
Weight depending on tubes210 to 460 kg/m³
GlueingIncreased glue content for frame components


CuttingCustomised cut-sizes, 

Various dimensions
from 10 mm width

"sandwich" boards

2-layer to 4-layer
RoutingDifferent profilesVarious designs
and combinations
CrossbandingDifferent materialsCork, rubber cork, HDF