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Sauerland Spanplatte


The following types of board have been tested:

  • Standard chipboard 350 kg/m³
  • SAUERLAND tubeboard RT7
  • SAUERLAND solid board VL
  • SAUERLAND stile&rail material HVA 

Climate Test

The samples have been exposed to continuously increasing relative humidity of 50 to 85% at a temperature of 23°C.

The edges of all samples were openly exposed.


Standard chipboard

  • heavy swelling 
  • swelling continues even after 30 days 


  • substantially lower swelling due to structure of ‘horizontal grain’
  • almost similar performance of all types:

    • Tubeboard = Solidboard
    • 490 kg/m³ = 700 kg/m³

SAUERLAND Products :  Standard Chipboard


The line between the extruded tube board and the standard chipboard can be seen clearly.