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Researches of the SAUERLAND Service Center have approved that for reaching an optimal sound insulation value for doors with a multi layer core the following is very important:

  • sufficient humidity of the core before treatment 

  • the dry storage of the finished door 

Humidity by delivery

Types of boards :10,6 VLto14,3 VL
32 S3and33 S3
32 S2and33 S2

are delivered with a humidity degree of 8 till 10 %.

Moisterised humidity

This humidity later corresponds to the conditioning humidity of the door in the living area and should be maintained till the usage.
The climatisation of the sandwich-cores has a positif effect on:

  • the preciseness of the cores
  • the sound insulation value of the finished door 

Storage of the cores

Maintaining the sufficient conditioned humidity is made possible by : 

  • Storage in airconditioned rooms (e.g. Veneer store)
  • Covering the pallets 

Storage of the doors

Before giving the sound insulation value, the doors have to be:

  • produced at least 2 weeks before testing
  • stored in a dry interior room-climat.