Sizes and stapling scheme

Sound insulation level

Preliminary sound tests of sample door sets sealed into the test stand led to the following results: 

  • 2-layer core : 38 dB / 30 min. 
  • 3-layer core : 40 dB / 30 min. 
    42 dB (without middle clamps) 

Apart from the core a multitude of other factors influence the sound insulation of door sets. Therefore SAUERLAND is not able to guarantee the result. 
Please take advantage of the possibilities in the SAUERLAND Service Center. 

Form and position of staples

Possible dimensions

Thickness of core:32/ 33 /38 / 39/ 45 mm
Width of core:600 - 1200 mmTol.: +/- 2 mm
Height of core:1750 - 2020 mmTol.: +/- 1 mm

Designation / Order

The complete sandwich core is named :
for example : 


⇒ A sandwich core consisting of three boards Type 11mm VL and 2 layers 3mm corc is supplied.