Types of Use

The requirements on constructional sound insulation of door sets consisting of door blank, frame and sealings are classified into different types of use according to DIN 4109 (German Standard).

Measurement of the sound insulation level

The sound insulation tests are performed in test facilities which are free of leakage, i. e. the sound is only transmitted by the door and not by other elements as walls, ceilings or gaps. 

The result is taken according to German Standard DIN 52210 in Rw = ‘sound insulation level in dB without sound transmission by flanking building components’. 

Lead level

The sound insulation level measured on doors in the lab must be 5 dB higher (lead level) than the values required from the different applications in buildings.

Classification according to VDI 3728

The classification into sound insulation classes is made following VDI 3728 (Guide Lines of the Association of German Engineers).

Test of the door sealed into the test stand

The test of the door sealed into the test stand is not of importance for the customer, but it provides important information for the manufacturer regarding the characteristics of the door blank and the influences of frame, fitting and sealings. 
Therefore this additional test is recommended.

Sound Insulation Class
acc. German
Requirements DIN 410927 dB32 dB37 dB
Lab Test incl. 5dB lead level              32 dB37 dB42 dB
Recommended Use
flat entrancesO
conference roomsO
school roomsOO
consulting rooms/ parlour roomsO
hotel roomsOO
Possible Cores
Solid Board
2-Layer Solid Board
3-Layer Solid Board

Multi-Layer Solid Board