full size core without internal stiles

Frame Components

stiles:HVA, HVB or solid wood
top rails:VV, HVA or solid wood
1.bottom rails : solid wood
2.bottom rails :VV


type     tube boardRK0
tube boardRK7
tube boardRN1
tube boardRS1
solid board   VL

Possible Results

  Perform. Class Sound dB Climate- Class Fire min
RK7 M 29 1 15
RK0 M 27 1 15
RN1 M 27 1 20
RS1 M 27 1 20
VL S 32 1/ 2/ 3 40
Performance:  depends on frame construction
Sound:lab result ‘sealed to the frame’
Climate:depends on door construction
(stabilizer, skin with foil etc.)