Stability between different climates



Testing procedure


Doors, separating rooms with different temperatures and humidity, are likely to distort. This is due to swelling and shrinkage of the involved components. 

During the test, after pre-conditioning, the door is exposed to different climates each side, following European Norm DIN EN 1121. The test is continued until deformation and distortion end. This is expected to endure 14...28 days.

Doors with moulded skin, MDF perimeter frame were manufactured with flat pressed particle board core (FPY) or Sauerland moulded core (PVT). The FPY type door showed higher deformation due to the uneven density profile of the conventional flat pressed board.

Climate conditions: 

- opening side 

- rebated side


23°C /30% rel. hum
emc = 7,5%

18°C /50% rel. hum
emc = 11 %